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I'll do anything to ease my boredom
Rain, Mascara, and Chalk by Maxyall
Amanda - Ties that Binds by Maxyall
HLF Corp Poster by Maxyall
I'll illustrate your OC, your portrait, your literature. For 10 points (I would go full free if I could)
This is not a trap btw. You may think this deal is too good to be true, actually it is! I'm an idiot who hates happiness and I'm going to slave myself over it.

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Dead Space Girl V.2 by Maxyall
Dead Space Girl V.2
Practicing painting with sketch outline

Yup, I redraw my most popular deviation of all time, without what makes it so popular.. and that thing is dun dun duuun! ASSCHEEK
Thats right baby and gentlemen, I didn't paint her detailed butt, cause of the lightning.

Also I didn't do shet with the gun AGAIN. I'm a dumbass

The original Dead Space Girl…
The original sketch by: :iconmonkeytheman:

made in 2 hours.
Photoshop CC
Scan 20150903 Ebikko Concept Art by Maxyall
Scan 20150903 Ebikko Concept Art
Drawn on paper, scanned, little touch up + orange stripe
Scrap you go!
Heavy gunner Grineer Propaganda by Maxyall
Heavy gunner Grineer Propaganda
Warframe Propaganda contest 2015 submission entry




ahem I mean FOR THE QUEEN ahem

Speed Painting done in 1 hour
Adobe Photoshop CC

Grineer and Warframe belongs to Digital Extreme
Steamworkshop Webupload Previewfile 421612626 Prev by Maxyall


Finally a strong star lighting up the sector. It was beautiful and serene. fills with debris and enormous derelict of the lost civilisation. Spent hours prior fixing up Ebikko and patching any hole that would cause depressurization. I made the front three metre longer and It looks great If I say so myself. Didn't reach my 10Km goal for that but It was worth it.
I have all the Ice, all the uranium I need. enough for more than 24 hours. So today I just cruises. Read books, watched the tapes. just passing the time. Something feels strange about this sector. I can't help but having a bad feeling...

"I think we have a ghost on board," I said to the terminal.

"I think I saw him. Once. On a night rest, when I couldn't sleep. He was sitting there, like he was checking my progress, keeping an eye on me. Finding home was his dream, it was what had driven him all his life. I guess, in a way, I'm not surprised that he's here with us, keeping an eye on things."


"Ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five," I whispered "four... three... two... one." The suit gave a loud fizz, then silence as the oxygen bottle emptied. I got enough ice for today trip. I kicked the glacier below and launched myself toward Ebikko, holding my lung. I got through the airlock and removed my helmet with haste. Then wipe blood off my nose. Every second in the decompression deteriorate my health bit by bits.
I have to do this everyday now. Or atleast until I install a decent drill on this ship.

I stopped at my personal computer, flipped the switch. catching my breath.
"I want to grow sunflowers"
"So Ill never forget where the sun is.." I shade my eyes, looking at Karos's yellow star.
"When we have our garden.. We'll have bed, and time"
"All the time in the universe."
I pushed a button. End of the log.
Back to the cockpit, I set the forward thruster override to maximum as I breathed in freshly harvested air. I am leaving the graveyard behind. a new sector is ahead of me
"I thought it might be useful, you know, over there."
"I'll grow things, lots of things"


The ship drove towards its hellish perihelion. On my cramped flight deck spun a simulacra of a binary system: two red dwarfs locked in a vicious gravitational embrace, a combined orbital period of two minutes, twenty-five seconds. An endless, futile pursuit. Their luminosity had been muted to make them bearable. Even so, the display cast double shadows throughout the cabin, a confusion of intersecting lines and hard shapes that slashed across walls and deck like whirling blades.
I didn't stop at all, not for ice harvest, not even for sightseeing. I would risk getting hit by environmental hazards if I do.

Nope, still got hit, twice. Ebikko's wing is now obliterated. Lost 3 forward, 2 side and backward thruster, and an Azimuth's expensive ore detector along with the kitchen window, rapidly decompressed my whole ship in the process. My eardrum and veins in my nose busted. (made a mess on my keyboard) I have no turrets now because all two of them was part of the wing. The ship spun out of control, throwing debris in all directions. I sought shelter in a hollowed-out asteroid right after. But with the injury and splitting cluster headache I have no energy to undo any damage today.


I decided to move more essential equipment inside the hull, but there's no space left. The cockpit always been too big for this little ship with two status LCD and computers everywhere. I recycled most of it and replace them with, smaller, more economical version. I also add one more medium container and replace an Ore Detector. I always wanted to install a hydroponic plantation in my ship so I suppose this is the best time to. I removed the useless sloped ceiling and installed two, one above the hall, another on top of the cockpit so that I can breath freshest air in the galaxy.
I also fixed the wing with much simpler design, more sleek and cheap. I'll get out of this debries field tomorrow.


I likes to close my eyes while handling the ship in top speed, Imagining I'm on a solid ground driving through the colonial valley, slightly humid forest in the calm, bright full moon night..
Ahead of me, the road cut through a washed-out bridge, I was driving for it at hundred-twenty kilos an hour. Moonlight lit the barricades, the ruins of the bridge dangling over muddy water road. The headlight caught a light fog condensed into glitter, leaving a diamond like speck on the glass.
And we passed through the tunnel of birds. And we passed through the path of red pine forest. And we passed through the country of the deer. And we passed through the slough of steam. And we passed through the white washed tundra. And we came, finally, to home. 

Then the ship maintenance notification beeps pulled me back to reality. back to the emptiness of space. I sighed, turned around and noticed something. I felt the chill down my spine. I saw him, only by a split second. It's not the first time, last time was only a shadow, a silhouette, nothing definite at first. But just now, I think I've seen him, staring out of the observation port or standing by the astrogation displays. I saw him staring at the screens, but he was blind to their display. Instead, he looked inwards, without looking at me...


Made it to Precursors space in one piece. Tougher to find than expected. Didn’t help that the debris belt made my scanner useless. I’m still getting a feel for this place but it looks that way. Even though things are developing slower than expected, there has been progress. The yellow giant lit up ember colored nebula, made it easier to spot asteroids. There are several scorched desert planets in this system, with an enormous manufactorum ruin in sight. There were a large self sufficient colony established here, but from the look of it everything were destroyed by the radiation of a dying star. The process isn't instant, so I suspect this system has been abandoned for thousands of years. My scanner also detected many evacuation vessel derelicts that didnt make it. This universe has expanded to the point where many worlds dies left and right and there are those who is sharing the same fate as I, Not sure if It's comforting or depressing.
There were still active screamer relays scattered in the sector, sending a looping message:

"No Man's Land 1443J: Precursors Sector. [SolarHazard] [Expunged] [Population: 0] The incident on Lo was an unfortunate turn of events. solar flare has obliterated most of the terrain and atmosphere. The planet Lo surface is hazardous: DO NOT LAND"
Data has shown that the sector and it's planets has been purged nearly a thousand years ago.


Had half of the ration, thinking about human insignificance in a careless universe... We see things only as we are constructed to see them, and can gain no idea of their absolute nature. With five feeble senses we pretend to comprehend the boundlessly complex cosmos. The tear in my arm has shriveled my muscle as it cut deep to the bone. It no longer matters to me. I haven't found any more Pathfinder's comm-canister since. For me, It's what took color away from the universe. I guess it's me and you now, Pate.

I could finally close my eyes after another strong sedative. I seems literally unable to sleep without chemical aid. Most people succumb to exhaustion after 50+ hours of waking, regardless of any desire to stay awake. Not me.


I saw home. Dreamed home, I dreamed of sepia sunshine and valleys that stretch across the endless surface. I woke up, once again, disappointed. The galaxy is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.
Most of the day has been spent trying to fix the interior airflow. No luck. I have to rely on my space suit to keep me breathing instead, and having to chage suit air supple every four hours has became too tedious. I then chose to shut my self in a pod, timed to wake me up every twelve hours for routine check, or before collision.


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