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HLF Corp Poster by Maxyall
HLF Corp Poster
In 2061, the HLF Corporation was founded with the initial goal of colonizing and mining the nearby moon of Hyperion. Their small mining colony was successfully established in early 2062, within Hyperion's largest crater.

The initial colony seemed unsuccessful, due to a lack of available resources on the moon. The colony was nearing failure, yet was close to cracking through the ice layer. However, all contact was suddenly lost.

Early unclassified reports of recovery teams indicated two things: that a war took place among the colonists, but the sides remain unclear, and something was found beneath the ice layer, although there is no clear information on what it was, the two events are often rumored to be connected.
One of the two sides ended up quickly winning this war before Titan could intervene. Contact was reestablished, but the remaining Hyperion colonists remained very tight-lipped, demanding to speak with only the highest ranking officials of PFS and Titan. They wanted a deal that allowed them to become part of the Republic again, while maintaining sovereign control of the crater. 

After a long period of deadlocked negotiations, their request was suddenly granted, but the terms were never disclosed. The HLF Corporation survived the event, and it marked a shift in the colony and corporation from mining to shipbuilding and research, with a focus on combat vessels; following a secondary deal with PFS.

This event became known as the Hyperion incident, and led to further regulations in the protocol for establishing additional colonies, yet the incident itself and the Hyperion Crater remain shrouded in mystery. HLF Corporation allows very few to ever visit the crater, and remains very protective of any intrusion. There is widespread belief that unique resources were what was found buried within the moon, while others point to more extravagant theories, but the truth remains largely unknown.
CYGNET Poster by Maxyall
No lore yet

Background belongs to cloud imperium studio. I just design the logo
Pfs Posterworn by Maxyall
Pfs Posterworn
Phoenix Fleet Systems was a major founding member of the Phoenix Republic, and therefore shares more than just a similar name. The corporation was instrumental in assembling the Naval Defenses of the new society, and as such had a major say in the formation of the military structure. Although often confused with each other, the Republic and PFS are distinct from one another in the roles that they form.

Within the PFS state, the population is highly patriotic, priding itself on military technology as the primary supplier of the Navy. PFS shares the same colors as the Republic itself - Blue, Gold, and White, and flags can be seen in abundance throughout the state.

While PFS itself does not hold any true political power within the military, it still gains much say in regards to the structure of fleets and the regulations of ships. This is due to the fact that most Navy ships are of PFS design, and therefore the opinion of their engineers are highly regarded amongst military officers. Indeed, most ship development processes take place in such a close cooperation with the military that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two organizations. 

Over time; however, PFS did begin to develop a more distinct culture to separate itself from the rest of the Republic. This began especially in 2077 where corporations were allowed to have their own private armies, and then in the following year where PFS assembled its own. At that time, PFS produced a more unique logo, handing over the shield to be used as a seal for the military. 

PFS move nearly all of its private military to Saturn itself, and began constructing many secretive development facilities in Saturn's rings. Conspiracies began to grow as other citizens noticed partnerships between PFS and other corporations forming on various, yet highly vague and protected contracts, with rumors of highly experimental weapons technologies being researched at the ring facilites. Still, PFS continues to promote itself as a highly industrialized corporation that wants nothing more than the prosperity and defense of the Republic. It promises citizens protection through its huge export rate to the military, and pleasure through its growing civilian ship market.…
XER RnD pamphlet by Maxyall
XER RnD pamphlet
Xercorp stands for Experimental Engineering & Research Corporation, it was founded by a rich and successful Mars colonist, one of the first that had arrived, and a pioneer of military technologies. He developed the Mars' point defence system, and, through his work, he amassed an impressive wealth. With it, he began to set the foundations of the huge entity that is Xercorp, funding Martian universities and research centers, encouraging the students, and hiring them into his own laboratories. Xercorp soon rose amongst the elite of Martian corporations.

Foreseeing the rising menace from Earth's governments and their greed for Martian technology, Xercorp's administration council started a secret project aimed at saving the corporation's structural, economic, technological and human assets in case Earth's governments took over the Martian government. They started to redesign some of their old cargo freighters into stealth ships using highly advanced classified radar jamming technology. They also began fitting them for long travels with powerful military grade thrusters and all the necessary equipment for sustained space travel.

What Xercorp feared most happened, and they had to flee toward the outer rim. They had prepared well; however, and they scuttled all of the corporation's data and prototypes, leaving nothing for the Earth governments. Moving earlier than most Martian survivors, they were able to bring a lot of science and engineering employees along with their families on board. Even though they had lost a lot on mars, the corporation saved a lot for the future.

Their destination: Saturn. The chosen landing site: its moon Enceladus. This choice was made by Xercorp's officials very early in the secret escape project, mainly for its deuterium rich waters that can easily provide the required resources for high-energy research through nuclear fusion. This would allow them to continue some of the corporation's most promising scientific projects. The landing site, which was on top of a liquid water reservoir, soon formed into a prosperous and autonomous colony called Scientia, built in a similar way to Silicon Valley during early 21st century Earth. 

To this day, Xercorp is one of the largest corporation states in the Phoenix Republic, and its contribution is mostly scientific, creating offensive and defensive systems and concepts. Xercorp has set foot on many asteroids in the Saturn ring, with some locations acting as military outposts and secret research bases, but most are mining outposts to bring minerals to the main colony on Enceladus. Xercorp developed many outposts of different uses on the moon itself, to cover its territory and exploit its deuterium rich waters. It is also rumoured, due to the high expense of mining operations and some unfortunate leaks, that Xercorp is building large underwater mobile headquarter under Scientia, in the liquid water reservoir itself, Where it conduct its most classified researches.…

based on:…

made for fun. ;)
KUS MINER CORP pamphlet by Maxyall
After the wars on Mars in the late 2040s, and the founding of the first state of the Phoenix Republic in 2055 on Saturn's moon of Titan, two scientists and engineers from Europe saw the first generation of colonists that were not born on Earth. They believed it was their duty to help this new generation in setting up a new home among the stars.

Together with other engineers that disliked working for military organizations like the Phoenix Navy or later Tristavian Shipyards, they formed the KUS shipyards. Despite the peaceful philosophy of the shipyards, they still provide resources and infrastructure to build the starships of the Navy, and they are, aside from the RMLA, the highest provider of raw materials to it. To make sure these ships are only used for defense purposes, they have full insight in all fleet orders using their resources. Today, in an era of a fragile peace between the colonies of the outer solar system and earth, more and more freelancer kinds of ships were designed and given to the young generation. In 2077, the members of the Shipyards were highly received throughout the whole Republic, and given the honour to form their own state.…

based on:…

made for fun. ;)


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